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Transbest Internationale Speditionsgesellschaft mbH was founded on February 3rd, 1971 by Vera and Bodo Möller and its headquarter was in Heubach, Groß-Umstadt. Back then, mainly international transports and transport insurances were made, but the fundament for a fast growth was established. In 1972 the Transbest Intern. Speditionsges. mbH & Co. was founded in Frankfurt to handle services on a larger scale with bigger rooms, more space and more employees.

Transbest Internationale Speditionsgesellschaft mbH, Heubach, acted as the general partner and supervised the managing directors of this newly formed private company. In 1974, they relocated to Offenbach to expand further.

The trade in chemicals, which began in 1974, was transferred to an independent company, the Bodo Möller Chemie GmbH, a known CIBA dealer. It had its headquarters in Heubach until 1992 and only used Transbest in Offenbach in 1993 to create synergy effects for accounting, financial and computer technology use.

Today Transbest has established itself well in the dangerous goods logistics in the Rhine- Main region.



Our Network (SIM CARGO)

The pickup and delivery of goods, as well as the loading and disposal in our warehouses, presupposes an extensive infrastructure, which is maintained by our membership in the groupage trade lane cooperation SIM CARGO. With over 260 partners SIM CARGO is one of the largest logistics networks in Germany, ensuring a smooth and international round-the-clock service.

Whether you require a 24/48-hour service or time dates, or you need national and international transports, the SIM CARGO Cooperation offers you various possibilities to solve your logistics problems efficiently and effectively. Thanks to the unique structure and years of experience in international general cargo transport SIM CARGO manages a complex logistics network, which ensures that freight flows safely through supply chains and that consignments reach the destination in time throughout Europe.


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